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  • What can I do on Startup SG Network?
  • How do I see the locked information?
  • Can I edit my company profile?


  • I have signed up for an account, but cannot log in.
  • I can't find my verification email. Can it be re-sent?
  • I've forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

Entity Profiles - Search, Claim, Edit

  • I cannot find the company that I am looking for.
  • Why is my company profile not listed on the platform?
  • What does it mean to claim a company profile?
  • If I claim a company profile, can I get someone else to edit it?
  • How do I request for profile editing rights?


  • I searched for an incubator / accelerator / investor, but couldn't find it in the first page of the search results.
  • Why are there locked filters and profile details in the directory listing? How can I unlock them?
  • The full list of filter options given under "more filters" doesn't include the term I want to filter my search results by. I want to search for entities in a sector that's outside of the given list - can it be done?