Why your startup should apply to a pitching competition in Asia

21 Apr 2019, Incubators & Accelerators, Investors, Startups

Pitching competitions can boost your startup in several ways. Imagine building the right networks, amplifying your brand, discovering ways to cut costs, gaining valuable feedback and of course, attracting capital all in one platform. 

If you want to take your startup further in a pitching competition, there is now no better place to do so than in Asia. The region is hungry for startups and new technology – including yours. 

So here are some reasons your next startup pitch should be put to the test in a competition in Asia:


1. Connect with the right investors and mentors

The investment ecosystem of Asia has developed a critical mass of players and is entering a new phase of growth – your startup should take advantage of this transition. 

As a matter of fact, many venture capital (VC) firms and angel investors driving deep deals will be seated at pitching competitions, in where else but Asia. 

These players will want to suss out the next startup deserving of a big break, so your startup shouldn’t waste this golden opportunity to pitch to a ready audience. 

Many pitching competitions also match mentors, comprising leading industry experts and investors, to startups. These are incredible platforms to take your startup to the next level with real, relevant and effective guidance.

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2. Sharpen your pitch alongside other bright minds

The deep talent of the Asian startup sector is no longer a secret. You’ll get to meet the brightest and boldest in the region’s pitching competitions.

In fact, tech giants like Google have been quick to connect with Asian startup talent – in 2018, it brought its first pitch competition to the region.

These competitions are the perfect grounds to practise your pitch repeatedly and sharpen it quickly. Let the ambitious competition crowd challenge and refine your pitch. 

Familiar with the pain points of Asia’s tech ecosystem, they will be curious about what you’ve got. They will ask the right questions and even spark new ideas.

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3. Learn to take your product to a ready market   

Pitching competitions in Asia are drawing an eager audience of investors and corporates because they want to meet the demands of Southeast Asia’s young tech-savvy population – which adds up to a whopping 650 million people. 

VC firms and investors are on the lookout for innovations that can serve the needs of the ever-growing millennial demographic markets. What this means for your startup is opportunity: a primed climate of ready markets waiting to be disrupted, and investors waiting for the right product. 

Why not tap pitching competitions to test and take your product to high-growth markets in Asia? You’ll certainly take home new business models and perspectives to bring your startup to new heights. 

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4. Ride on the investments going into Asia’s startups

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Investments into startups in the region are on a record-breaking momentum – especially in Southeast Asia. 

Since 2017, VC and private equity investments in Southeast Asia have been soaring to record levels. In that year, the number of recorded VC deals rose to 524, four times the level of 2012; and private equity deal value rose 75% to US$15 billion. 

Analysts predict that the total deal value over the next five years in Southeast Asia is likely to reach US$70 billion, double that of the previous five years. 

Southeast Asia has also produced 10 unicorns since 2012: this includes Grab, Go-Jek and Traveloka, which have created a combined market value of US$34 billion.

You’ll want your startup to ride on this momentum, and pitching competitions are where you can get your foot in the door. 

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Don’t wait. Asia is where the action is: think deep investments, crucial networks and one of the world’s most high potential markets today. 

Pitching competitions in Asia are the platforms for your startup to take off. They are exactly where you will meet a captivated, forward-looking audience. Be sure that you’ll also be ready for new businesses heading your way.

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