Startup SG Accelerator

Startup SG Accelerator supports incubators and accelerators in strategic growth sectors that take on the role of catalysing growth opportunities for high potential startups through their programmes, mentorship and provision of resources.

Startup SG Accelerator will provide funding and non-financial support for these partners to further enhance their programs and expertise in nurturing successful startups.

Startup SG Accelerator at a Glance

The funding support under Startup SG Accelerator may cover the following costs:

Programmes to nurture startups: Costs of developing programme(s) that help startups develop new products and services, obtain business financing, improve market access, etc.

Mentoring startups: Hiring of mentors & experts to provide management and technical guidance to startups.

Operating expenses (partial): Enterprise Singapore will determine components of operating costs we can support, such as salaries for the incubation team.

Last updated: 05 Apr 2019